Skatez for Mouse

Skatez for Mouse

This Europe website is right now a link page to some mouse skatez .

Mouse skatez specifications must be very smooth and gentle that as result fast but also slow movements are very accurate and precise.

We also want to give the readers information about how to use mouse skatez and some specifications for the Brands Corepad, hyperglide, steelpad padsurfers, icemat en Qpad glidez.

For Gamers it's important to have the right mouse skatez with the right mouse and mouse pad. Razer lachesis mouseskatez glides. Also before replacing the old skatez remove them and clean the surface. With mouse tape it is possible to attach this on the old mouse feet depending on your own experience what feels the best. For Glas mouse pads we recommend the tape because this is smoother.

You can choose out of: ( shipping cost in Netherlands and Germany only €2,- )

Mouse Skatez Pro Corepad

Link to Corepad mouse skatez pro gaming. ( one bag contains 2 sets)

Hyperglide mouse skatez

Link to hyperglide mouse skatez gaming glides for computer gamers. ( one bag contains 2 sets)

Nanosecond and NSD POWERBALL

Link to Powerball Benelux website with powerballs from Nanosecond and NSD. ( partnersite)




Game Hardware for your Gamegear

Link to Game hardware shop with Pro Gamegear

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